Flexible & rigid-flexible PCB's

Rigid PCB is usually made of fiberglass reinforce epoxy and widely used in many industrial field. From early applications in some simple products, to the present, growth and proliferation for rigid printed circuits board continues exponentially to be used in many high-end products such as medical equipment, satellite, aerospace and military products. After checking and approvals production technologies, INELSO have an ability to make most complex PCB`s for customers, from consumer electronics to aerospace products.

Product applications

  • Used in a variety of applications
  • Up to 64 Layers
  • Highest circuit density
  • Wide materials range (standard FR-4, High Temperature FR-4, mix FR-4 and Rogers and etc)
  • Low twist and wrap (standard 0.75% after project checking)
  • Standard drill process (mechanical) and laser micro-vias
  • Match most complex components (uBGA, PoP and etc)

Flexible PCB’s are now using as substitute of traditional FR4 in a different applications; benefits include solving interconnecting problems, reduction of weight and space. Flexible circuits can be dynamic flexing (designed for flexing or stress over a period of time at elevated temperatures) or flex & stay applications (designed for flexing once and being secured into place).
Sometimes application requires particular support in areas where connectors or components are applied - stiffener, the most common being FR4 or polyimide.

Rigid Flex circuits are a new kind of special PCB composed of flex circuits and rigid PCB`s, which is characterized by having conductors on both the flexible and rigid layers of the circuit. Plated thru holes go through the flexible and rigid sections and electrically connect multiple conductor layers. Rigid Flex circuits are often used when components are mounted on both sides of the rigid section. This circuit construction should be distinguished from a flexible circuit with a rigid stiffener attached. Such combination of Rigid and Flex circuits give engineers a more design flexibility.

Products with such PCB use in mobile phones, display screens, aerospace products.

Product applications

  • Good flexibility and Light weight
  • Unparalleled design flexibility
  • Greater functionality & applications
  • Elimination of mechanical connectors
  • Connection reliability