Breakthrough technologies

New demands of the market make new challenges and require newest technologies. The alternative of standard assembly are the tendencies in the present-day electronics to increase the integration degree and decrease the device size, control a power dissipation and increase the performance of the system. INELSO would suggest different solutions for your modern devices.

POP technology

If you plan to use portable consumer electronics it would be first step to design smaller devices.

Sometimes engineers cannot increase the size of the circuit board or shrink the components, they have to see up on top components. One of the latest suggestion to that challenge is package-on-package (POP) assembly.
A POP assembly consists of two or more fine-pitch ball grid arrays (BGAs) stacked one atop another. In a two-piece assembly, the bottom package is usually a high-density logic device, while the top package is a high-capacity memory device. Both devices can contain more than one die. To accommodate the upper package, a thin layer of mold compound is applied to the center of the lower package, just to cover the die and wire bonds. Solder balls on the bottom of the upper package connect with I/O pads on the top of the lower package.

POP assemblies are produced using the standard surface-mount process-with an extra hitch. The BGAs are fed from tape or trays. First, solder paste for the lower BGA is deposited on the board with a stencil printer, and the BGA is placed onto the board. Next, the second BGA is picked up and-here’s the hitch-dipped into a film of specially formulated “tacky” flux or solder paste just far enough to wet the balls. The second BGA is then placed atop the first one, and the entire board is reflowed as normal, preferably in a convection oven with a nitrogen atmosphere.

Microwave boards with metal base

Some electronic devices have extremely heating elements and designer has to provide the better solution than standard thick copper foil and cooler. We have special solution for our customers - metal core pcb (MCPCB).

The structure has two general elements – pcb and metal base. INELSO can supply materials that have either aluminium or copper backing ranging in thickness from 0.4mm to 6.0 mm. Circuits can also be made from any of the available microwave laminates and post bonded to pre-fabricated metal structures using either electrically conductive or non-conductive sheet adhesives. Laminates can be standard FR-4 materials or special laminates like Rogers Ro4000 series. As a gluing layer we offer standard prepreg (FR-4 class) or bond ply with acrylic adhesion. And the most complex model is to use adhesive layer containing silver past which provide the best thermo- and electro-conductive connection between pcb and metal base.