Supply Chain Management

Let`s see into our entire logistic processes – all the way to delivery to the end customer.
As a service provider, we place great value in monitoring and optimizing the entire supply chain. To INELSO, logistics is more than transporting products from us to customers. Accessibility to data is also a part of the supply chain, from ordering to delivery. Logistic connection with customers and suppliers is end-to-end. All business processes are analyzed and standardized according to present-day requirements.
We offer our custom-made logistic concept around the globe, of course with optimum efficiency. On your behalf, we will take on the complete logistic process – from request to delivery to the final customer.

INELSO advantages:

  • Forecasts every component to assure availability
  • Analyzes Bill of Materials (BOM) and production documentation to ensure component uniformity and data integrity
  • Recommends alternative components to reduce cost while maintaining product quality
  • Performs continuous supplier development and assessment to ensure supplier stability, delivery capabilities, and compliance
  • Implements comprehensive documentation system to provide a range of traceability from simple to complex